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Five Ingredients To Sales Success

Five Ingredients To Sales Success

A good seller must possess the charisma that should make people want to listen to him; he must make them to develop enough interest, which will arouse a burning desire that can only be satisfied with action. Then at this point, sale is said to be closed.

Be sensitive to the body language of your prospects, verbal response may be deceptive but body language cant be wrong. It reveals the true feelings of people. Listen with your eyes and not with your ears alone.


  • 7% of customers’ messages come in words
  • 38% of customer’s messages come in his tone of voice
  • 55% of customer’s messages are conveyed by their body laanguage, hence the need to pay attention to the customer/prospect body language.


*Their messages are transmitted largely by the way they move and the things they do with their hands, faces and eyes; if you are observant and catch the movement.


  • YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE SELLING PROCESS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE FEELINGS: The first step to sales success is to understand the selling process of your product, you must know what to do per time, what to say when you meet a new prospect and how to react in any sales situation. My experience as a marketing personnel with Wemove technologies limited in lagos has taught me that to be a good marketer/sales personnel, you must know the process of selling out your company and dealing with negative situations. It is pertinent to know how to deal with negative situations, some prospects will reject you, annoy you but do not give up on them, any prospect can turn to buyerLEARN TO BE PATIENT AND DEAL ACCORDINGLY.
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  • YOU MUST UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WELL ENOUGH TO INFLUENCE THEM TO BUYKnow your prospects well enough in order to make them to buy your product, A good sales personnel must be able to read the prospect personality types, buying patterns, know what they are not saying in the course of introducing your business. Know the type of prospect you are a dealing with, you need to convince them well enough about your product/service, offer them value for their money. Understanding that personality differs will help to drive sales as you will know to deal with different personalities.



  • YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO EXECUTE: You must put all trainings into action. You must be able to risk rejection and failure. As a marketing personnel in lagos, I turned many rigid prospects into loving the company I work for simply because of taking the risk of spending time with them to convince them. You must be a risk taker if you are to be successful in marketing your product/service. Do not forget the rule, you can turn any prospect to customer only if you are good at taking risk and executing project effectively.
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  • YOU MUST BE STREET SMARTS: Being street smart does not mean a lout or thug as the case may be but it means you must be intelligent enough to observe and interact with people before they can give you the audience you need. Present yourself to prospects by the kind of questions you ask and by the sense of timing. A lot of prospects want you to take the bold step before they give you their time. Street smartness may help you in closing sales only if you can try it out.



  • YOU MUST CARRY OUT ALL THE DETAILS OF YOUR STRATEGY ALL DAY,EVERY DAYSuccess in life requires consistency and diligence. Do all you need daily to implement your goals. You must devise strategies to drive sales through critical thinking, researching and observation of the market, then work on your strategies all day to get positive results. Only those who understands the principle of DOGGEDNESS and DILIGENCE make it big as a sales person (CEO, Packagingstores).
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Compiled By: Ayanleye Samuel Oluwafemi (CEO, Packagingstores)


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