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Five Deadly Sins Of Selling

Five Deadly Sins Of Selling

Selling your product/service might be worrisome but with effective strategies, you can be guaranteed of increased Return on Investment (ROI).

Any business that wants to flourish in the market must be Customer-Oriented which is the new formula for penetrating the market.

There are certain sins that affect selling, sin here is not in terms of commiting fornication or adultery as in Christian faith but the don’t that affects selling of product/service.


Below are the five deadly sins of selling;


  1. IGNORING PEOPLE DURING YOUR PRESENTATION: Treat everyone equally and with equal interest during your presentation, ignoring some sets of prospects during your presentation will reduce the effectiveness. Carry everyone along during your presentation as this can help you, DO NOT FORGET THE RULE, ANYBODY CAN TURN INTO YOUR CUSTOMER IN BUSINESS.


  1. DOING ALL THE TALKING: Doing all the talking is one of the mistakes that marketers most often times flout, when presenting your product/service, give room/space for your customer/prospect to talk as this alone gives them sense of belonging and confidence that they can do business with you. Getting customer feedback helps to build inventory and thus helps the company improve in areas of lacking. Doing all the talking will spoil the show for you.
  2. RAMBLING OR CONTINUALLY REPEATING YOURSELF: Don’t take forever to make your point. Once you have made it ,be quiet and let the prospect respond. Avoid repetition during your presentation, convince the prospect/customers that you know what you are saying. Repetition to them may signify CONFUSION. So, Avoid it.
  3. BOASTING ABOUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: During your presentation, circumvent bragging about your personal achievements.  Don’t brag let the prospect judge for themselves. Remember you are dealing with different personality types hence the need to be careful during your presentation. As a marketer in lagos, I noticed that most customers/prospects do not like marketers who brag too much about their product/service as they always like judging by themselves.
  4. SAYING SOMETHING THE PROSPECT MAY FIND OFFENSIVE: Using off-colour languages or ethnic jokes can have the same effect. Do not use offensive languages when convincing customers to buy.
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Compiled By: Ayanleye Samuel Oluwafemi (CEO, Packagingstores)


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